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Quebec, Canada
"Fearlessly feminine expressionistic paintings"
British Vogue


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"Interestingly gaudy and exuberantly messy"
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April 2024, Knowlton, Quebec


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After a big move (in July 2023) across the country from Pemberton,BC to Knowlton Quebec, I am finally ready to dive into teaching workshops again.
please click below for more information.  Please keep in mind, that as I find my footing in my new community, I will be launching more workshops throughout the next 24 months, so keep checking in.



Thank you for your patience,

This workshop is designed for painters who are looking to explore their own work with my guidance and in a group dynamic.
Although this is an individual workshop, it is important for an artist from time  to time to work in an immersive experience with no distraction from average day to day life. 
The workshop will take place in the Art Lab gallery (that I have rented out entirely) in the center of the charming and well known Knowlton Village (calling all Louise Penny fans). 
The village is not only picturesque, but has a rich arts presence and has many charming cafes and restaurants that are steps away  from the studio space.  I recommend staying at the famous Auberge, that is the center of all the Inspector Gamache books. although there are other options I can recommend too.

My objective for this workshop is to have you approach your work with more strength in your ideas, and be in a more playful and confident headspace.  My instruction will be based on my strengths as an artist and a communicator, with an open mind through observation and guidance. 

The goal of this workshop is to focus on three things primarily;

-loosening up
-Identifying your strengths
_Technical guidance and tools to add to your toolbox

 Many artists struggle with staying loose and are often afraid of their own work.  Understanding what makes your work good, or what failed, will help with that. 
Learning to understand your work better will help you overcome your fear, that ultimately makes you stiff or lost.
I will also try to help you identify and build from your strengths  Although that may seem simple, it is often an artists roadblock.  To objectively identify what makes you and your art unique, and how to build from that.

We will explore different ideas on how to put paint down and remove it.  An exploration that should add more fun and adventure into your work.  These are the technical tools for your toolbox.
experience and background is necessary. 

If you are  a beginner, this might not be the right fit for you now.  Keep working and take classes.  In this particular dynamic, you will likely be lost and feel defeated.  These workshops often bring our tears to the beset of us and I don't want to turn you off art for life!

Although every artist will have different strengths and different weaknesses, it is necessary to be comfortable enough within your vision as to elevate the overall experience.

The price of this workshop is $650 per person. 
This does not include accommodation and food.  
This will include a table for your workspace.
You will have to bring your own easel  and I will see about working on the walls.  Please bring your supplies and I can recommend a list should you wish.  

The workshop is for Five days from 9-4 with my guidance , and the space can be open all afternoon and evening for those of you who are warriors extraordinaire.

I have included two extra days to this (Saturday and Sunday) where we will have an option to extend your studio time without instruction for two days OR organize and open studio/show to the public.  This is a decision that we will make as a group.   
Studio extension will be $100 (total per person) for two days, or donation help with wine and cheese for a show opening. 

If i can not fit you in, do not worry... this is something I plan to do at least annually.  I am still finding my footing having just moved across the country from British Columbia, and back to Quebec.

Valerie Butters

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